A Telemarketer, from National computer maintenance service called Anonymous on 14/09/2012 around 9:12am

Calling telling us we have viruses blah blah blah


none, a Telemarketer from Profinity com called Anonymous in 93401 on 22/07/2011 around 2:23pm

My cell phone number was captured in an advertising scam by this company (as was my email address). My number was automatically called every 90 minutes between 8am- 9pm for 5 days. It wasn't until I looked up how to legally force them to cease and desist, that the calls finally ended. You must say, "I want my number placed on your DO NOT CALL LIST". I was also informed that telemarketers must inform you of their policy about DO NOT CALL LISTS, or face a 500. fine. When looking up this company on line, there were many entries regarding inappropriate practices by them.


hearst, a Telemarketer from Hearst called mscheryl59 in 23501 on 04/03/2011 around 5:37pm

next call from them goes to the do not call people for a complaint.


hearst, a Telemarketer called Anonymous in Morgantown on 04/03/2011 around 5:36pm

She got offended because I asked her if she was a magazine saleman. 'NO, I'm a sales WOMAN." Get a real job.


Comda The Calen, a Telemarketer called Anonymous in 28734 on 22/10/2010 around 11:00am

I told the foreign voice on the other end that I was going to file a complaint with the National No Call List, and he said he didn't give a S H _ _ . LOL! Complaint filed!


021-555-0000, a Telemarketer from Scorelife called Anonymous in 1800 on 01/10/2010 around 6:01pm

people tried to chase me


A Telemarketer, from Plixar International called Anonymous on 16/09/2010 around 2:04pm

Salesman from Plixar International offering a demo of their antivirus software


A Telemarketer, from Craftmatic called Anonymous in perth on 01/09/2010 around 11:42pm

this is a telemarketer Craftmatic in South Australia 1300 272386
ring them up and give them an earful.
fukn timewasting dodgy bedsellers

Heres some articles about them

"Bed seller lied on the job: ACCC"


"Craftmatic Australia Pty Ltd - Bed company caught napping on fair trade laws"



A Telemarketer, called Anonymous on 10/08/2010 around 11:10pm

trying to offer better merchant facility, put on hold for too long, dodgy


A Telemarketer, from Florida energy Consultants called Anonymous in Sarasota, Florida, 34231 on 02/07/2010 around 6:07pm

This company is called Florida Energy Consultants. They say they want to help you save money on your electric bill. The first few times they called the phone clicked and no one came on the line. Then they finally came on the line giving me their pitch. When I asked him if he had ever heard of the do not call list, he said yes. When I told him I was on it, he told me it was an automatic dialer and he had no control over it.